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sanitary napkin with negative ion review

sanitary napkin with negative ion review

Descripción del producto

Beautiful lady night time used extra care sanitary napkin with negative ion factory

Brief descriptions:

* Soft and comfortable non-woven fiber surface with twice the absorption capability.

* Super absorbent crystal-like particles lock in twice the moisture to keep surface dry

* Breathable, water resistant bottom layer helps eliminate moisture and heat to keep you fresh

* Super absorbent core like particles lock in twice the moisture to keep surface dry

1.Product description

>>> Product features of sanitary napkin with negative ion

(1Ultra thin (1-2mm thick) sanitary towel with ions

(2) Super soft and perforated non woven top sheetthe softest touch to women skin, and the quickest penetration from top to bottom

(3) More than 6000/cm3 dynamic negative ions PLUS far infrared ray generated by Anion green chip technologically and effectively inhibit the survival and duplication of virus and bacteria as  [bacteria killer".

(4) Japanese SAP makes the pad super absorbent and locks menstruation flow in ONE second, 2-3 times more absorption than normal pads` in the market.

(5) Great breathability of back sheet effectively helps prevent moisture and odor.

(6) Perfect body fit design and strong adhesive keep the pad firmly stay on the panty all the time.

>>> Product specifications of sanitary napkin with negative ion

Brand NameGlory Girl , Oui Oui, private label/OEM acceptable

* Size: Day time use 230-260mm, Overnight use 280mm-410mm, Panty liner 150mm

* Surface: Super soft and perforated non woven

Color of padWhite pe film

Back sheetBreathable

PackageZip lock bag, Deluxe aluminum bag, Paper box, Normal PE bag

Packing10/20 pads X 48 bags per carton

MOQ: 300,000 pads for sanitary napkin, 600,000 pads for panty liner

* Individual wrap: PEnon woven 

>>> Product Parameters of sanitary napkin with negative ion

Anion sanitary pad with negative ions



Top sheet








Perforated Non woven








Perforated Non woven








Perforated Non woven






>>> Product advantages of sanitary napkin with negative ion

(1). Sanitary napkin with negative ion with Cotton surface

New born baby skin-liked surface material provides you most softness and incredible comfortable feeling in your period. The perforated surface helps absorption quicker and cleaner for ever.

(2). Sanitary napkin with negative ion Anion chip with far infra red and herb extracts

The high density of anion(>6300pics/cm3) emitting free oxygen that destroys pathogens to prevent gynecological infections, balance the PH value, regulate the period circulation and improve body immunity.

(3). Sanitary napkin with negative ion with Airlaid protective layer

Strong penetration and high absorption prevent leakage in all ways.Meanwhile it also prevents the pad twisted even after active movement.

(4). Sanitary napkin with negative ion Super absorbent layer

Could quickly absorb the heavy flow in ONE second and keep the top sheet dry and clean immediately, which also prevent leakage completely even doing sports.

(5). Sanitary napkin with negative ion with airlaid protective layer

Double protection away from leakage. No matter how heavy flow the girl has.

(6). Anion sanitary napkin with Breathable backing sheet

The waterproof breathable backing sheet works together with the perforated cotton surface, enhanced expelling the dampness and odor, which can keep girls fresh and comfortable in a whole day even in hot summer.

(7). Anion sanitary napkin with Strong adhesive

Strong adhesive in food grade with flex wings on the back sheet makes the pad firmly stay in the place.

>>> Product pictures of sanitary napkin with negative ion

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2.Packaging &Shipping

We have different options of packaging for sanitary napkin,panty liner.

It makes the package of negative ion sanitary napkin like an elegant purse.It can be re-sealed after opening the package. It is a perfect option to keep panty liner hygienic in washroom or woman`s bag.

Packaging & Shipping
Product Packing

Product Packing

(4) Shipping: by sea or by train

3.Our Services and Products

(1). Sanitary napkin/sanitary pad : 180~410mm long cotton / dry weave / ultra thin / regular / maxi / winged / wingless / functional chips / scented
(2). Panty liner: 140~180mm long cotton / dry weave /T-shape / black liners / scanty ultra thin / fluff pulp / scented
(3). Tampon: Applicator tampon/ digital tampon, mini / regular / super size
(4). Sweat pads, sweat liners, shoe liners,

(5). Free samples of sanitary pad,sanitary napkin,panty liner available

4.Company information

Company Information
Company Briefs

(1) Variety range of panty liner

Different sizes of sanitary pad and panty liner, tampon, sweat pads, shoe pads,

(2) Rich Experiences

We have been doing feminine hygiene products for 28 years in China. And we are very mature not only on equipments but also on our professional service. ODM&OEM warmly welcomed!!

(3) A Professional Team of Designer

We not only have a great team of sales, merchandisers, shipping specialists, sale service, but also a professional team of designer.

(4) 100% guarantee and refund

(5) Certification:

Our Certifications

(6) Our Factory


(1) Do you have more products available other than sanitary napkin,sanitary pad and panty liner?

Yes,we do.

(2) Do you take small order?

Yes,we do.We are having ready stock of sanitary napkin,panty liner,tampon,underarm sweat pads available now.

(3) Visit of factory?

Yes,warmly welcome a visit of our factory anytime.

Beautiful lady night time used extra care sanitary napkin with negative ion factory

Beautiful lady night time used extra care sanitary napkin with negative ion factory

Beautiful lady nht time used extra care sanitary napkin with negative ion factory

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(1) experiencia de fabricación

Glory Power Hygiene Products Ltd. está especializada en la fabricación de productos de higiene femenina de alto nivel, modernos, seguros y saludables para mujeres durante 29 años. Todos los productos se llevan a cabo con los estándares de FDA, GOTS, CE, ISO 9 0 0 1, SGS, ITS, FSC, MSDS, etc.

Nuestra fábrica es una planta moderna similar a un jardín que cubre 60,000 metros cuadrados, equipada con líneas de producción tecnológicamente avanzadas de alta velocidad, todos los dispositivos equipados en alto nivel aseguran que cada almohadilla que producimos sea completamente segura, higiénica y de alta calidad. El control de calidad se ejecuta estrictamente en todos los enlaces desde la materia prima hasta los productos terminados.

Cooperado / Cooperando con Woolworth , Coles , Mannings , Waston's , Walmart , Carrefour , Shoprite , Tesco , etc.

(2) Colección Pad

Tenemos artículos extensos de almohadillas y docenas de cubiertas para elegir, o nuestro ingeniero experto puede personalizar cualquier fórmula o forma de almohadillas para usted. No importa la cantidad de su pedido sea grande o pequeña, Glory Power es la compañía lista para suministrar.

sanitary pad collection

(3) Capacidad

sanitary napkin capacity

(4) Innovación activa

Desde almohadillas gruesas ordinarias hasta almohadillas transpirables ultrafinas, desde tejidos continuos mejorados y apariencia de la almohadilla hasta extractos herbales, aniones, carbón de bambú ampliamente utilizado en almohadillas sanitarias, desde almohadillas comunes hasta almohadillas orgánicas, desde estériles hasta estériles grado médico 100% estéril Glory Power siempre explora nuevas oportunidades y camina a la vanguardia de la reforma.

De principio a fin; de conceptualización a producto final innovador; Cualquiera que sea la visión que tenga para su negocio, Glory Power puede y lo hará realidad.

Información de Empresa

  • Nombre de empresa: Glory Power Hygiene Products Ltd.
  • Producto / Servicio: Servilletas sanitarias , Toallitas intimas , Tampones Femeninos , Pastillas de sudor , Almohadillas de maternidad , Toallitas húmedas
  • Porcentaje de exportación: 81% - 90%
  • Número de Líneas de Producción: 10
  • Número de empleados para investigación y desarrollo: Fewer than 5 People
  • Número de empleados para control de calidad: 11 -20 People
  • Servicio del OEM proporcionado: yes
  • Tamaño de la fábrica (metros cuadrados): 5,000-10,000 square meters
  • Persona de Contacto: Mr. Eric Chen
  • Número de Teléfono: 86-0755-83466248
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